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xx Vår hjemmeside (our site)
07 June, 2008 by PerArne
Welcome to our site.

A little about me:
I work to live, I don't live to work.
I often stop and think about things in life, and try to learn as much of the life as possible.
And when it comes to money and career it's way down on my priority list and will allways be.
Family comes first, way before everything else. Therefore I'm rich.
I'm easy to hang around, but I don't mix easy with people who prioritize career and money.

On the right, in the box named "Our blog" you can click on the different links to read more about us here in Sprintveien.

You do not need to register and log in to read and look at pictures, but you have to register and log in to write comments. We had to do this to avoid spam.
If you want to register, send me an email and I will register you. My email is patti-pat-pat(a)hotmail(dot)com
Good luck and happy reading.
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05 June, 2008 by Therese
Hei og velkommen til vår nye side.

Håper vi klarer å få til en del bilder og skriving slik at dere kan følge med i vår hverdag.
Det er sommer og sol å jeg håper vi får mange fine sommerbilder av barna, ny hund som heter  Dennis, og selvfølgelig noen kjæreste bilder. Det hører jo til sommeren   Grin

Håper dere alle får en fantastisk fin sommer og at været holder seg slik at vi
kan bli brune og fine og ikke minst at barna kan være ute å leke Cool

Legg gjerne igjen kommentarer etterhvert som det kommer bilder eller at vi skriver noe.
Alltid koselig å få noen kommentarer  Cheesy

Hilsen Therese og Per Arne

Hi and welcome to our website - a new one

We will try to write and take some pictures for you to see what we are doing.
The days are filled with lots of sun so hopefully there will be some pictures of the kids, new dog called Dennis and of course some girlfriend and boyfriend pictures Kiss

Hope you all will have a great summer and that the weather is going to be nice all summer through. Some suntan would be nice  Cool

It would be great if you would leave a comment on what we are doing. We like responses  Wink

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Our Live Webcam

Fuglekassen 2011

Live film hele dgnet fra vr nye fuglekasse bygget for kjttmeis.

Klikk p bildet for se fuglekasse LIVE.


Live streaming from inside our birdbox built for Great tit.

Click on the picture to move to LIVE streaming.

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